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I’m Andy Blackwell, a software engineer in the St Louis area, and I haven’t updated this site since mid-2010 as you can see (before mobile web was really a thing). Maybe you’d rather check me out on LinkedIn or Facebook?

Google Fonts API: Asychronously

When Google Fonts came out last week I got really excited (even IE6 is supported!), but it brought up an old problem I’ve had with including code hosted by Google (or anyone else) in a site. Whenever the files host goes down, your sites load time can become lengthy, causing you to lose potential visitors. […]

Adobe Creative Suite 5 launches today!

Excuse me while I geek out over Adobe’s mind-blowing upgrades to their Creative Suite. It’s almost too much awesome to take in. (Content-Aware Fill, Puppet Warp, Vector Bristle Brushes, Vector Perspective Drawing…w00t!)

WordPress Theme Organization Library

I’ve developed a small, flexible library to help WordPress theme developers organize their theme files however they like. I came to the conclusion that all the theme frameworks I had used in the past were overkill for my needs, and personally don’t like the idea of parent/child themes. So I created a simple library that […]

The Letter

Check out the demo recording of our ‘Dear John’-type song The Letter.

Pick Up The Pieces

‘Scuse me sir, can you lend me a hand,
I gotta make it home today.
Just got word that my daddy’s been hurt,
I hope to God I’m not too late.

Bended Knee

Listen to our demo recording of Bended Knee, we think it would make a good wedding song.

Into The Burning Sky

All alone, I sit and listen,
For the sound of passing planes.
I’ve been lost, for countless hours
While my enemies have gone and saved the day.